مترجم : محمد آبادی، رجب علی؛ ‏

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خلاصه ماشینی: “Fundamentals of the Principle of “Good Will and Fair Conduct in” Contracts * Mahdi Alizadeh * Senior Expert of Private Law The necessity of observance of “good will and fair conduct” in contracts, as an important principle in creating goals such as examining the process of preparing and drawing up of contractual terms, establishing equivalence and balance between contractual parties, observing the present age changes in making, concluding and interpreting contracts, alteration of contractual circumstances and protection of consumers”” rights against “form contract”, has enjoyed a particular status in contract law as well as international contractual dealings so that it has been put forward and theorized in municipal law of various countries and international documents, and has been attempted to make it be influential, expressly or implicitly, in of stability, method of settlement of disputes and force major on the other hand all of which help their parties form them better and more successfully and then enforce them in a pacific atmosphere without any misunderstanding. This article, deals with the essential points of these contracts such as characteristics, method of negotiation, position of the parties, distinctions among the states and their nature on one hand and the technical and legal articles of most of the aforementioned contacts such as the applicable law, condition Necessity or Non-necessity of Sending a Declaration Concerning a Sight Bill and a Demand Promissory Note * Dr. Amir Hoseyn Fakhari * Professor of the Law Faculty of Shahid Beheshti University Commercial law has obligated the owner of a bill and a promissory note to demand the related sums on due date.”

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