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خلاصه ماشینی: Keywords Literary and artistic ownership, broadcasting organizations, World Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO convention The Bases and the Difference of Remedy of Failure to Perform the Contractual Obligations in Iran‘s Law, Shiite Jurisprudence, and France‘s Law Sa‘id Bigdeli Ibrahim Sadeqian Abstract When someone accepts an obligation and bears its responsibility, it’s expected that the other party would also fulfill his/her obligations. Keywords Fault-based Liability, Strict Liability, Liability, Fault, Reasonable Man. Attachment of State-Owned properties in Iran’s Law and International Trade Amin Hassanwand Rasoul Sahranaward Abstract The immunity of attachment of state-owned properties is known as a general principle; although, it can be observed that some actions are proposed in order for attaching the properties of state companies or institutions. Keywords Wisdom, Common Law, edict issued by the highest authority in the land, the life of the Wise, Transactions, Acts of worship.

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